We can provide goaltenders with, not 30 to 60 shots in an hour, but up to 600. These shots are accurately fired from our Boni Puckshooting machine, between 5 and 100 miles per hour. All shots will be directed with the intention of improving the goaltenders skills and self confidence.

Work on deflections, screens, high or low, whatever you require, we are able to adapt our program to meet your needs. Our expert staff are able to offer ONE on ONE training at your convenience. All sessions are done on our new 'plastic ice' surface in full gear, including skates.

  • Over 1500 square feet of 'shooting space'
  • Highest quality Viking Ice synthetic ice surface available (plays like the real thing)
  • Regulation net
  • Boni Puckshooting machine
  • Video taping and playback available (additional cost)
  • Chalk Talk' area to work the technical aspects of the position
  • Private change area, large enough for 4 goalies to change at once
  • Slideboard and other exercise/warm up equipment available
  • Year round operation
  • Goaltenders wear full gear, INCLUDING skates
  • Flexible appointments
  • Posters and diagrams to help aid in teaching the finer points of the position
  • Always parking spots available
  • Easy access, stop 5 feet from our entrance at the back of the building for quick pick up and drop off. (may be unavailable during winter)
  • Restaurant and lounge area for parents to wait
  • And more